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What Is Financial Coaching?

Financial coaching is a personalized one-on-one service that helps you take control of your finances & provides guidance on how to reduce debt and build wealth. Your financial coach helps you to successfully manage your money, providing you with strategies to organize your finances so you can make wise decisions in the future.

Who Is Coaching For?

Financial coaching is for anyone who needs financial education, empowerment and an accountability partner so they can stay on track with their financial goals. Financial coaching is designed for those ready to take their finances to the next level, who are driven to improve money management, spending habits, and eliminate money stress.

What is The Process Like?

Financial coaching is a collaborative approach. The coach will meet with the client and discuss the client’s personal goals and objectives to develop a customized plan designed to accomplish them. These discussions will typically cover many aspects beyond just money management, including emotional support, spending strategies, tax planning, career advice, debt management and more.

About Me

I am a Certified Financial Coach.

I’ve helped hundreds of individuals and business owners to improve their financial situation.

I empower clients to take responsibility for their decisions, supports their continual learning and growth, and serve as an accountability partner throughout the process.

I have a bachelor’s degree in Business and fifteen years of experience in Financial Services – Banking, Investments and Insurance. I’m also an entrepreneur, boy mom and NLP Master Practitioner.

I am a Caribbean national. I was born in Jamaica to two amazing Christian parents who served everyone that came along with generosity and self-less love. They have influenced my drive to lead from a place of service – helping people to become a better version of themselves. I now reside in another island paradise, the twin island of Trinidad and Tobago.


Why Did I Choose To Be A

Financial Coach?

Do you think your money mindset influences how well you manage your finances? I chose to become a Holistic Financial Coach because as a Financial Advisor for 5 years, I realized many clients needed to fix their ideas about money before adding financial products such as insurance and investments to their portfolio. 

When you last bought life insurance or a mutual fund, did you first consider a holistic financial plan? Financial coaching allows you to create a step by step plan to improve your finances over a realistic period of time?

Of course, I get to work from anywhere in the world. But most of all I help people from all over the world build generational wealth and enjoy life more. 

Coaching Packages

Financial Stability Package

For college graduates who are just starting out in their first job or young adults who want to break negative generational money patterns.

Financial Freedom Package

For professionals and small business owners with growing families and several competing priorities who need a handle on their money.

Money & Business Package

You’ll get coaching that helps you improve your personal finances, remove wealth creation blocks, and monetize your professional expertise so you can create an additional source of income through business launches.

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