Mellesia Lewis

Holistic Financial Coach

Hi Financial Freedom Seeker!

I’m excited to offer you my coaching resources that educate, empower and support you on your wealth creation journey, even if you’re from another side of the world so you can achieve financial freedom and have the life you desire.

My Story

I have had my own struggles with finances fighting to pay down debt and provide for a young child all on my own while earning less than I was spending. However, with my exposure to financial education, I was able to apply what I learned to my own situations so well that I was able to triple my income, pay off my debts, and start on a path of wealth creation.

I often say that if I knew what I know now 25 years ago I would be a multi-millionaire today. My parents did their best in sharing their knowledge about life, spirituality and making an income through getting a good college education. God bless them. But it took me digging to learn how to 10x my income, save and invest smartly, protect my income and create generational wealth.

I have decided to share my knowledge through holistic financial coaching so you can have an early start on your way to financial success. As a holistic Financial Coach, I can help you create your wealth strategy, eliminate debt, build generational wealth and avoid common money mistakes.

My Values & Beliefs


Be the reason someone smiles today. Think on things that produce good fruit.


Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen.


Do what is right, just and fair even when no one is looking.


Share who you really are with the world – your virtues, your talents, your truth, your pain and all that makes you who you are.

Generational Wealth

Blessed is the man that leaves an inheritance for his children and his children’s children.

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